Check out my new favorite Gua Sha tool!

This little hunk of metal has made us happy! We are using it everyday in the clinic.
If you are like us, we are always searching for better ways to do things with Cupping and Gua Sha.
We are so excited that we shot a little video of Leta showing some tips and tricks of this little copper wonder.
So, what’s the deal with copper and Gua Sha? Well, thanks for asking… a few years ago our friend Tim from the UK sent us a super cool solid copper Gua Sha tool to play around with. It was awesome, but a little too thick – it was perfect for Tim, since he is a big guy with huge hands! We tried to find similar tools, but nothing ever felt right… until now.
This little shiny tool just fell into our hands last month, and we love it! We love it so much, we decided to sell them on our Web site. Leta has one in every treatment room now and is just loving it!

We’re now offering this tool in our online Store at



P.S. We have a rocking “secret” Facebook group for all our students – you can get access to healers from all over the world when you join either our Gua Sha or Cupping course. Leta is there everyday answering questions and talking with healers about all things Cupping and Gua Sha!


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