Ready for a “magical” comb over?

This isn’t your Dad’s comb over. We’re talking about a magical comb over…
How can you take your Gua Sha to the next “magical” level?
Green Sandalwood could be just what you need to ease your next headache or migraine.
Have you ever heard of the magical powers of Green Sandalwood and Gua Sha? When we were in China, we actually met some of the proud craftsmen who made the Green Sandalwood combs in their village.
We brought a bunch home and gave them to friends who have frequent headaches or migraines. They all loved them and said they really worked to varying degrees. We were so happy! They were so happy! We knew we needed to get more green sandalwood combs out into the world, especially in our Gua Sha world (see our Shop for more info).
For those who know and love Gua Sha, you may or may not be familiar with Gua Sha combs. A Gua Sha comb, unlike regular Gua Sha tools, has thick or spaced out teeth like a regular comb, so it can be easily pulled through hair. The combs can be made out of different materials: stone, horn, or wood in the case of these combs… green sandalwood, which not only looks cool but feels so smooth in your hand.
Green Sandalwood has been used to help people with migraines and headaches, among other things for thousands of years. Some healers use Sandalwood essential oils on their foreheads, for example, to relieve headache pain or anxiety.  The oil is often used for memory boosting, stress relieving and lifting of the spirits, just to name a few of its powers.
The purpose of this Gua Sha comb is to Gua Sha the head. It is difficult to use a flat-edged Gua Sha tool, like a ceramic soup spoon, to Gua Sha over and around the hair on the head. So instead of combing the hair, as is normally done with a comb, you gently scrape the scalp, providing the same kind of stimulation of the underlying skin and fascia that Gua Sha does on the skin. You can use a similar technique that you use for regular Gua Sha with a little adjustment.
Using a Gua Sha tool on the head is not only known for helping with headaches, but it is believed to help with hair growth and even relieving an itchy scalp. No wonder green sandalwood combs are so popular.
I also recommend using the green sandalwood comb for a little facial rejuvenation on the temporalis muscles (the muscles around the temples above the ears.) The temporalis muscle can atrophy with age and cause the skin on the cheeks to sag. Gua Sha is supposed to bring back the vitality of the muscles and thus reduce wrinkles. I gently use it every night on the sides of my head, and I have to say, whether it’s lifting my face or not, the technique feels awesome on my head! It’s a soothing way to let go of all the stress of the day and get ready for a restful night’s sleep.
Thank you Green sandalwood for your magic!

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