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We created a great on-line course that will help you learn Cupping to use in your healing or massage therapy practice. We’re also selling cupping sets that we love to use in our clinic so you can get started faster!

Learn Cupping for Healers

Cupping is a powerful, ancient healing technique that gets to the source of the pain and gives massage therapists (and acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.) the ability to help more people be pain free.

This class is made up of over 45 videos of Leta working one-on-one with clients showing you how to do Cupping and discussing tips, tricks, and the nuances of how to incorporate Cupping into your day-to-day practice.

View the Course
Check out our Cupping Sets

You can’t start cupping without a cupping set. We love these cups. We hope you will too.

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