Final Quiz

Welcome to your Final Quiz for Learn Cupping for Healers!

Relax, take your time (you have 45 minutes to complete 20 multiple choice questions).

To receive your NCBTMB CE Hours, you must score 70% or better on this quiz (14 questions correct).

Good luck!

P.S. Please contact us at if you have any difficulty. 

P.S.S. After the quiz, to receive your certificate of completion and NCBTMB CE hours (if you want them), please complete the evaluation form.

1. Which kind of pain wanders around from place to place on the body?
2. When do you use Dragging Cupping?
3. When should you use 4 pumps of suction (level 3)?
4. How many minutes should I leave the cups on?
5. What does it mean when the Cupping marks turn dark purple?
6. What do you do if a person feels lightheaded?
7. Which is Cupping NOT helpful for?
8. If you see a blister appear under a cup, what should you NOT do?
9. When do you use Jing Well points with Cupping?
10. What should you do if a person has a strong reaction after Cupping?
11. Why is it a good idea to consider the pathways of the meridians when Cupping?
12. When a person has body hair, what won't work?
13. What is Facial Cupping NOT helpful with?
14. What kind of Cupping should you do with Children?
15. What is a reason to NOT do Cupping with a particular person?
16. Common reactions to cupping DO NOT include:
17. What size cups are good to use on the neck?
18. When is Gua Sha more helpful than Cupping?
19. It's a good idea to market first to:
20. The leg meridians DO NOT include:

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