Gua Sha works!


“There is no harm in repeating a good thing” – Plato

Clearly Plato had a GREAT massage therapist. He knew!

Almost every massage therapist we have spoken to loves repeat clients. Why? Well, first it makes life easier for massage therapists in their practice. They have found someone who loves and appreciates their work, they book ahead, they tell all their family and friends, they don’t have to convince them every time of the benefits of a regular massage… life is good for everyone.

We are going to keep it simple here today. Gua Sha will boost your repeat clients big time. How? Why? What? That is a big statement… we know it is a big statement. However, we also know it is the truth! If you learn to use Gua Sha effectively for your current clients, they will come back again and again. And here is the one thing to think about here…

Gua Sha works.

Simple and to the point.

Here are three quick examples of how Leta (the top instructor here at LearnGuaSha) used Gua Sha to get amazing results for her clients and her practice… meaning happier clients, repeat clients AND more referrals. Each one of these HAPPY clients has referred several more clients EACH.

Once again, just in case you missed it.

Gua Sha works.

Client #1: About year ago, a construction worker named Pete (that really is his name!) came to see me because he has shoulder pain. Pete is also a musician, that is his passion. He came to see me with neck, shoulder and hand pain. He had tried going to several doctors and physical therapists to no avail. He had just about given up on playing his guitar again. He was in a band, and this was really a challenge for him, both emotionally and physically. After just one session, he felt immediate relief after he got Gua Sha on the back of his shoulder blade and down his arm. Suddenly his hand freed up, and he could start to play again. It took about 4 sessions to really see him get back to a good place. He experienced such relief that he was able to play guitar again on a regular basis. He is still coming to me today on an as needed basis for tune ups. He’ll often say when he leaves, “I’m going to be feeling good tonight at band practice!” Pete regularly sends me referrals to his friends. Gua Sha works.

Client #2: This young soccer player came to me at the beginning of his Senior year. He was the captain of his college team but during the previous season, he had a debilitating injury–a kick to the thigh from another player. Devastating to some soccer players, it happens far too often. Over the Winter, the pain worsened and by next Summer, the pain was keeping him from sleeping and enjoying life in general, never mind not being able to play soccer! He even had trouble sitting and concentrating in his classes from the pain. He was referred to me from another client of mine. He’d never heard of Gua Sha before, but after seeing so many specialists with no help or relief, he thought he’d give it a try. (At this point the pain was so chronic, it involved many muscle groups, and it required some intense work.) I had to Gua Sha his hip, his glutes, and his thigh down to his knee. Guess what happened? After about a month of coming in twice a week, he was able to start playing again. By the end of the semester, he was back in business and able to play full time. Success on the soccer field! Gua Sha works.

Client #3 Several years ago, a professor came to me with severe pain in the arm around her bicep. She couldn’t even lift her arm to write on the black board in the classroom and had difficulty doing her work on the computer for more than a few minutes. Not good for a college professor. She was extremely stressed out. After doing Gua Sha with me, she was amazed to find out that her entire neck, back, and shoulders had tons of Sha coming out. After several sessions, her arm began to improve immensely. She also learned that she needed regular Gua Sha to maintain this level of comfort. To this day, many years later, she sees me weekly for Gua Sha, and she has referred many of her friends and family members. A+ for Gua Sha. Gua Sha works.

Not to be repetitive here… but.

Gua Sha works!

If you want clients coming back again and again… learn Gua Sha, add it to your in your practice. Please check out our NEW class below.


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  1. I have searched your entire site and can’t find an address, city/state for where you work and to find out if you offer GuaSha services. Could you provide that information?

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