Learn Gua Sha the RIGHT way (not the Youtube way)!

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Gua Sha is an ancient technique that is considered a type of folk medicine, which means general “folk” would do it for their families and friends and pass it down from generation to generation. There was no real formal training back then. Families just used it accordingly and the knowledge was passed on and passed on. Today, in the modern world, Gua Sha still has an amazing place in the healing world. Gua Sha is simple and easy to learn…

So, it stands to reason that you could watch a 5 minute Youtube video start to do it on people, right?

Well, no not really. In my opinion,  if you want the “5 minute lesson” go ahead, then Youtube is for you. But if you want to really learn, really start to understand, really get the sense of the powers of Gua Sha, then dig deeper. I’ve been teaching Gua Sha to people for many years and using it extensively in my Chinese Medicine practice. As simple as it looks, I’m always surprised that people cannot quite figure out how to do it correctly even when watching me do it live. I almost always have to spend some time showing them how to hold the tool and how to do the technique properly. It’s not quite as simple as it looks.

Many people do Gua Sha at home all across Asia and throughout the world, Chinese Medicine practitioners have for years been doing it in their professional healing practices. They have developed many ways to relieve pain and prevent cold and flu symptoms that have specific procedures. I often teach students how to “stop a cold in its tracks” with Gua Sha. It is such a powerful message that I wrote a mini-ebook on it. You can get it here if you want.
How to Stop a Cold in Its Tracks…

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With my experience teaching people in my practice and in classes, I realized that an on-line class would be very helpful for people who do want to learn it on their computers, tablets, or other devices. For this reason I created an on-line course specifically made for massage therapists and other types of healers like chiropractors, physical therapists, and Shiatsu practitioners. I am also in the process of creating a second on-line class on Gua Sha that will be out soon! 

I believe that by offering these classes, it gives more and more people a real way to learn the ins and outs (and ups and downs!) of Gua Sha.

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