Silicone Cup Set


These cups use a strong, extra-thick silicone designed with rounded rims for ease of handling and maximum suction. Due to their superior elasticity, these cups work well in difficult curved areas of the body (ankles, knees, wrists, etc) where most cupping devices fail. Use in traditional stationary manner or for deep tissue massage. Set comes with 4 transparent cups (1.2″ dia, 1.7″ dia, 2.0″ dia, and 2.5″ dia) and an attractive velvet bag.



I really like these cups for light suction with the Moving Cupping method. You can do the Moving Cupping method with regular plastic cups, but for some people, the suction is too strong and feels painful. These Cups are much gentler and combine well with massage in a massage therapy session. Another alternative is the Tai Chi Pump-N-Cup Set, which is made with glass, but has the same amount of suction.



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