Thumbs Up for Gua Sha: Gua Sha for Shock from Intense Pain

I learned a new important application for Gua Sha from my personal experience today!
Today I had a very localize infection from… a hang nail of all things! (Serves me right for always joking about how your body doesn’t know the difference between a paper cut vs. something really serious in terms of how it can overreact to a paper cut). More on that in a future post! Well, it happened to me today. My thumb got infected and swelled up within 24 hours.
So I had to have it lanced, and it was very painful. And my whole body was writhing in pain while getting it lanced. I felt all my muscles tighten in my neck and upper back. And after I felt very much in shock…sort of dazed and confused.
Right after the treatment, I pulled out my Gua Sha spoon (which I keep in my bag), and worked on the back of my neck out to my traps and shoulders and voila! I immediately felt relief. It was like a wave of relief. My brain came back on line, and my body relaxed. It was amazing and very cool!
Just think how important such a little thing like Gua Sha’ing your neck for 5 minutes after experiencing extreme pain can be?!
Don’t leave home without your Gua Sha tool!
Not feeling like you have the confidence to really do Gua Sha (or Cupping)… you are always welcome to check out our online courses. 

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