Gua Sha Those Shin Splints Away

“My shins are killing me. I can hardly walk, HELP!” Lisa exclaimed. “And I was so excited about walking. Now I’m so disappointed that I can barely walk to the bathroom!” She went on and on. “Can you get on the table?” I asked her, as I was already heading for my trusty Gua Sha spoon. I had never Gua Sha’d Lisa before, as she had never needed it before, so I was curious what she had been up to to cause her so much discomfort. As it turns out, Lisa’s story is one I hear quite often in my healing practice.

Lisa was motivated by the early Spring to get out and start exercising. She was so excited to get started that on the very first evening, she went out and walked three miles. Now, she was hurting!

Three miles might not sound like much to some people. And to other people that sounds like a lot! But for Lisa, a college professor, she had pretty much hibernated for the winter. So it turns out three miles was just way too much. She had wobbled into my clinic, grimacing, and wincing with every step!

Gua Sha on an athlete’s Shin Splints (Not Lisa’s leg!)

“That actually feels really great!” she exclaimed with great surprise after I started gently scraping her shins with my Gua Sha spoon. “You’ve come to the right place,” I said. The Gua Sha turned her shins into candy cane stripes of red as the “Sha” (the red petechiae marks) came out. In my experience, the Sha doesn’t come out very often on people’s shins unless they’ve really overused them. While I worked, I explained to her that she needs to start SLOW with her walking regimen and gradually increase. “You can’t expect your muscles to just go zero to 60 without some complaints! Are your legs complaining?”

Even when you’re careful not to overdo it, sometimes you just “do” do too much. And that’s where Gua Sha comes in. If you do overdo it, you have something that can resolve the pain QUICKLY and EASILY.

In the case of Lisa, the professor, it was as simple as 20 minutes of Gua Sha. After I finished, I asked her to stand up and walk around, and her jaw dropped open. “I can walk,” she exclaimed. “You made my day!” The pain was TOTALLY GONE. And it never came back again.

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Happy Spooning Everyone!

Leta Herman